Understand the market and its consumers. I know my customer; but who knows the end consumer?

The value chain between producer and consumer can be complex and made up of several partner companies, customers and/or suppliers. Whether in Banking, Insurance or Industry, the company that designs and/or produces products and services is not necessarily the one that sells them, nor the one that prescribes them to the consumer.

In this context of business models: B2B2B (Business-to-Business-to-Business) and B2B2C (Business-to-Business-to-Consumer), the knowledge of the companies involved, their interactions and relationships to serve the end customer is a source of efficiency for strategic Marketing and Commerce.

What are the impacts of the value chain on the deployment of an offer internationally?

‒ Despite careful planning, adaptation to local markets and close coordination of stakeholders; the speed of adoption of the offer may remain slow,

‒ The heterogeneity of CRM data quality between regions/countries is aggravated,

‒ There are marketing effectiveness problems due to poor knowledge of the business chain between the Producer and the final Consumer. For example, a commercial opportunity is sent to a partner; but this does not structurally address the targeted prospect because it is an intermediary who makes the final sale.

What missions have we carried out on this theme?

‒ Customer case #1 for a large electrical equipment manufacturer:

Clémence Consulting supported its client as part of a program dedicated to its partners. The objective is to animate the network of partners, to help them mature and to boost sales of a new service offering.

We carried out a Business Consulting mission with the departments concerned at our client and its largest partners.

After segmenting the partners, the organization of meetings made it possible to inform/train the partners and workshops facilitated the sharing of feedback, good practices and the establishment of joint marketing and sales action plans to reach the final consumer.

‒ Customer case #2 in the mobility sector:

Clémence Consulting supported the creation of an offer for its client's customers, that is to say prescribers to the end consumer. We intervened as a Business Analyst, from the expression of needs to assistance with the choice of solution and its deployment, to set up and monetize a SaaS offering e.learning & IA.

‒ Customer case #3 for a large Bank-Insurance company:

Clémence Consulting staffed a management team for the CRM modernization of its client with a view to taking into account the sale of partner offers

Vous êtes intéressé(e) par les oppportunités liées à une meilleure compréhension de la chaîne de valeur de votre entreprise ?

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