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We use digital technology to change businesses inside and out, transforming not only processes but also mindsets

What is digital transformation?

Because digital transformation will be different for every business, it can be difficult to give a clear definition that applies to everyone. However, in broad terms, digital transformation can be defined as a business moving from a fundamental state to one where digital technology is integrated into all areas of the business, which improves operational efficiency and brings value to customers.

It is also a cultural change affecting the mindset of the entire company, a new breath, a new way of thinking that forces the company to constantly question the status quo.

Following a digital transformation, change is constant, experimentation is embedded and accepted into the business model, and failure is considered essential in the learning process.

Our expertise

Our experts have supported brands around the world in transforming their businesses for the digital age. Whether in the retail industry in the USA or in fintechs in the UK and France, we have led and contributed to these transformations as Program Directors, Business Analysts, E-commerce, UX/UI and PMO. We also have a vast network of partners and experts with whom we work to bring the best to each engagement.

How is it useful?

These days, digital transformation isn’t necessarily a choice. It's a question of survival. Businesses must evolve to meet consumer expectations and with current levels of digital integration, these expectations can be set by anyone and not just the competition. To remain competitive in the market by exceeding customer expectations, companies must challenge themselves and adapt their products to increasingly digital lifestyles. By monitoring not only the surrounding market, but also global markets, businesses can find what they are missing to maintain or gain a competitive advantage. Embarking on a digital transformation process will lead to the viability, profitability and longevity of your business.

Our approach

We can change the way your business think and behave over the long term to combat the threat of digital disruption.

Giving you not only a vision but also a roadmap for the future, we analyze everything from operations to technology to culture – it's essential for the transformation to be authentic, sustainable and successful.

We will work with you as the business transforms into an efficient, customer-centric and thriving business through continuous change.

Since each digital transformation is specific to each company, there is no prescriptive approach. However, in general, there are three main areas to explore before embarking on a transformation project:

  • 1


Case studies, competitive landscape, market orientation, customer experience,…

You have to understand the current state of the business: where can you cut costs, where can you increase margins, improve time to market, where can you reduce headcount, where can you duplicate costs, etc. By combining the knowledge of this data with that of the market and competitors, we can provide what we need to develop a strategy.

  • 2


Based on the results of the research performed, a strategy or set of strategies will be defined to achieve the desired results. This strategy will guide the work to be done in the future. For example, research may indicate that experience is a differentiator, so the strategy will be to improve the customer experience. This becomes your goal to focus all your efforts on.

  • 3


For the digital transformation process to be successful, a new organization and new working methods must be established. Transforming a business into something new while keeping the "legacy" is impossible. There are many ways to organize this work and many methods to achieve the desired result. Taking the time to do this step correctly will ensure success in the future.

La transformation numérique n’est pas un voyage facile à entreprendre. Chez Clémence Consulting, nous avons l’expérience et le savoir-faire pour réussir.

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