Data performance

What is Data Performance?

Holistically, Data Performance is defined by 3 components:
the effectiveness of the use of data with regard to business objectives, combined with the efficiency of processes based on costs and the relevance of the mobilization of resources: Human, Trusted Artificial Intelligence. The concrete challenge of “Data Performance” is the improvement of performance thanks to

Data Performance involves the dissemination of data culture, the pillars of which are: the integration of data from different sources, the analysis and exploitation of data.

According to a recent study, the global volume of data will almost quadruple between 2019 and 2025 and will reach 175 zettabytes. And yet, in 2023, too many Data projects are still failing to improve the performance of their companies.

To resolve this problem, Clémence Consulting practices a disruptive approach based on its business and functional expertise in the Customer, Finance and Operations areas. How ?

  • Starting with understanding the issues, knowledge of business practices and functional expertise in the areas concerned
  • By industrializing information reconciliation and sharing real-time analyzes regardless of the volume (big data), we simplify access to information.
  • By creating a repository to share a vision (360° customer vision, foundation repository of process digitization) we make the data speak.
  • By providing analysis, predictions and models, via the rapid implementation of Proof Of Concept web, we help to understand, act and benefit from experimentation

Because the IS do not always provide answers to the trades and require many manual and local reprocessings and because often there is no common reference system... for example on the customer: we are there.

Our expertise

Our functional expertise with dual business and IS skills (for example: “Digital Marketing + CRM” or “Finance + ERP” allows us to intervene in Front Office alongside you, to understand your context, make your data efficient and integrate business improvement opportunities for the GDPR project.

We also offer in the Back Office: a team combining Data scientists and IT specialists who deliver a reconciliation, analysis, data interfacing and Artificial Intelligence service via a cloud platform (OVH, Amazon, Google or Azure).

Our approach

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Through the dual intervention of a functional Front office and a technological Back office dedicated to data processing.

By applying its credo “Think simple, rustic, pragmatic” through three steps:

  • Analyze and model
  • Realize (proof of concept) in “time to market”
  • Enrich iteratively
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Based on its experience, particularly in the following areas:

  • Marketing: campaign management, customer knowledge (individuals and companies) and digital marketing
  • Finance: credit management (risk, receivables financing, insurance coverage), accounting
  • Customer repositories: consistency of repositories, merger and acquisition