Data performance

Over the past few years, Clemence has helped a number of large companies transform. How?

By using the classic methods and tools of management consulting and by approaching the issues from a different angle.

What is Data Performance?

  • By industrializing information reconciliation and sharing real-time analyzes regardless of the volume (big data), we simplify access to information.
  • By creating a repository to share a vision (360° customer vision, foundation repository of process digitization) we make the data speak.
  • By providing analysis, predictions and models, via the rapid implementation of Proof Of Concept web, we help to understand, act and benefit from experimentation

Because the IS do not always provide answers to the trades and require many manual and local reprocessings and because often there is no common reference system... for example on the customer: we are there.

Our expertise

Our UX expertise and project management assistance with dual business and IS skills (digital marketing/CRM or finance/ERP) allow us to intervene in Front office by your side, to make your data efficient and integrate opportunities for business improvement to the GDPR project.

We also offer in the Back Office: a team combining Data scientists and IT specialists who deliver a reconciliation, analysis, data interfacing and Artificial Intelligence service via a cloud platform (OVH, Amazon, Google or Azure).

How is it useful?

From the start of the project, everyone finds the information they want while being able to exchange with other actors thanks to a common language and a shared repository. The first objective is to better focus the target by relying on concrete data to enable the businesses to express their expectations and above all their priorities more precisely. The second objective is to be more precise in taking into account business specificities, i.e. to make the data speak and to integrate upstream certain particular cases that can impact the design, such as projecting on the beginning of a solution, or even putting set up an operational demonstrator on quick wins while the target solution is operational, detect atypical management rules or integrate the impact of problems related to data quality.

"Another advantage of Data is the acceleration of the time to market on quick wins (being able to quickly webize an operational Proof Of Concept)"

With the implementation in May 2018 of the new GDPR rule (General Data Protection Regulation), we support you not only in the implementation of a solution that will make data management more secure and simple, but also in the opportunity to evolve your data management and governance processes in order to make you realize the benefits obtained by compliance. On the one hand, you strengthen your security against cyber-attacks and on the other hand your customers will trust you more if they know that their data is protected and used only with their consent.

Our approach

Over the past few years, Clemence has helped a number of large companies to make their data efficient. How ?
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Through the dual intervention of a Front office of Ux experts and project management assistants and a technological Back office dedicated to data processing.

By applying its credo “Think simple, rustic, pragmatic” through three steps:

  • Analyze and model
  • Realize (proof of concept) in “time to market”
  • Enrich iteratively
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Based on its experience, particularly in the following areas:

  • Marketing: campaign management, customer knowledge (individuals and companies) and digital marketing
  • Finance: credit management (risk, receivables financing, insurance coverage), accounting
  • Customer repositories: consistency of repositories, merger and acquisition