We provide advice with results, to support management

DG, Marketing, Commerce, Finance, Achats, Opérations et Innovation (R&D, Digital et SI)

via 2 practices

Business Consulting 2.0


Performance improvement, change of business model, transition to SaaS mode, data monetization, Artificial Intelligence, CRM, Order to Cash, Business Intelligence: we save you time to mature an impactful subject for the company, conduct RFI/RFP process, recruit and manage talents, obtain results quickly and put a sustainable dynamic on track.


  • State of mind

    By your side to meet the challenges of the company

  • Know-how, approach and experience

    Skill, advice approach and proven tools to frame a subject involving several departments and get them to take action. Strong expertise and +15 years of feedback from large companies (EDF, Schneider Elecric, Stellantis, BNP Paribas, etc.)

  • Data and API driven SaaS MVP

    Ability to quickly set up Data-oriented MVPs, in SaaS mode, with certain APIs to manage exchanges between your systems

Product Owners & Project Leaders


Understand the challenges of the business and supply the technical teams with specific requests (via an Agile backlog ) that bring value to the company, to the user departments and to their customers and partners.


At Clémence Consulting, Product Owners and Component Owners (SAFe) have a Business Cursus (Marketing Sales, Finance, R&D Innovation), 95% are Agile certified (PSPO and SAFe), understand business challenges and the needs of technical teams.

We propose

an original method named DOT:

  • D

    Business consulting mission: analysis of stakeholder issues and action plan in order to achieve strategic objectives in 2 to 6 months + a quick win solution, for example:

    - To help decision-making: Dataviz, Analytics & Reporting, AI

    - To give agility to marketplaces & websites: data supply and reconciliation

    - To gain efficiency: industrialization and improvement of Reporting, Marketing, CRM-Invoicing-ERP chain, Controlling...

  • O

    We operate the tailor-made solution (AWS Cloud, Google, Azure, etc.) as long as the need exists and is not covered by a global IS project.

  • T

    We transfer operations to your teams when you are ready

Clémence in a few figures

0 Functional consultants, associated with 80 DevOPs and an IT company of 400 people

0 Years since our launch

0 Small and large completed projects

0 Satisfied customer actors

Meet some of our team members:

David Vergognan
Associate Director Co-founder

Véronique Bui Quan
Associate Director Co-founder

Didier Foult
Associate Director Development Director

Sandrine Berthuy
Business Manager

Marc Lafond
Business Model Innovation Competence Center Director

Bruno Bellanger
Associate Director Axiad Analytics, BI & Dataviz

Marc-Antoine Labis
Managing Consultant Marketing Data

Arnaud Lemaire
Managing Consultant CRM, Lead Management & Digital

David Andrianarivo
Managing Consultant & Digital Project Manager

Benoit Lecouteux
Finance Management Consultant: Accounting

Céline Hanne
Managing Consultant Product Owner & Business Analyst

Delphine Ottinger
Managing Consultant Digital & Collaborative Innovation

Mathilde Marie
Human Capital & Talent Development Consultant