You know us as a Zuora expert… do you know that we are also expert in transforming your on premise software into SaaS!

Within the wide range of industries, most companies are taking the full benefits of digital technologies to innovate in a new range of offers. Basically those new offers are complementary to products (or even replacing them).

They are roughly fitting into three business models:


transform the product into a smart product with embedded digital capabilities (mobile APP)


Innovate in additional software to optimize clients processes and installed products (AI)


grow with new range of outcome based services (Carbon Emission, Circular economy) to engage further with customers on value contracts (SLA)

When it comes to software and implementing Artificial Intelligence, the same companies are facing the challenge to transform their legacy software into SaaS with such questions like:

1/ how to be agile enough in that transformation not to break my legacy revenue stream in the meantime I move to SaaS (MVP, SCALE)

2/ how to enhance my business capabilities and processes to run a lead to cash process for SaaS (ARCHITECTURE)

3/ how to make my software standard enough to fit 80 % of my standard clients with only customizing. How to develop that new market (OPERATING MODEL)

4/ how to sync my SaaS platform with my lead to cash process to make sure to deliver the proper service and license in time (PROVISIONING, MEDIATION)

5/ how to make my SaaS easy to integrate in the cloud (API, MICROSERVICE)

6/ how to build a SaaS software (multi-instances ? multi-tenants ? VM versus Containers ?…)

… and many more

At Clemence we are the experienced experts to help you design your SaaS and modernize your legacy software.

That could be done step by step and there are different ways to move your on-premise software capabilities to SaaS.
Let’s have a look at a couple of user stories we are/went thru:
A large Industrial company, had the acquisition of multiple software companies, each of them developing specific on-premise software to either design, build or operate the electrical installation of a large building.
First we are contributing to transform those parts into a suite of SaaS software by leveraging our expertise in subscription and SaaS licensing. We have done a successful MVP in 3 months with a pilot offer in 2022.
Second we are operating the IT landscape including the platforms Zuora (subscription and billing) and 10Duke (software licensing) and their integration with Salesforce front-end to make sure of a smooth scale and growth in 2023+.
A software company from more than 10 years, using SaaS and subscription models. In their growth by M&A stream they had recently the acquisition of NetRivals another software company with a different SaaS model.
Their target is to leverage rapidly both customer installed based to trigger upselling opportunities cross entities.
First, we are providing business expertise and development resources to accelerate that convergence in One SaaS and subscription model, and enable a single customer journey.
Second, we are operating the IT landscape including the platforms Zuora and Salesforce to standardize and simplify their processes and tools and be One at the end.

At Clemence we are the experienced experts to help you design your SaaS and refresh / reshape your legacy software.

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