Do you know that Clemence Consulting can help you make 33% savings on your IT estate spend!

In 2022, organizations estimate that 33 / 34 % of their overall cloud / SaaS / on Prem spend goes to waste and keeping track of spend across a cloud environment is challenging and requires frequent manual effort*:
  • Lack of comprehensive visibility of resources, licensing and applications across the hybrid cloud, multi-vendor IT estate
  • Manual efforts to correlate insights across platforms to control license costs and optimize resource investments

Estimated wasted spend remains significant accross the IT estate

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FinOps is the answer**

FinOps is a recent and evolving cloud financial management discipline enabling organizations to get the maximum value of the cloud

FinOps is a combination of best practices, culture and systems that enable distributed IT, finance and business teams to tune cloud deployments for speed, cost or quality

FinOps must answer such challenges as:

  • Over allocation of resources in the cloud is an unsustainable mitigation of the risk !
  • Cloud consumption is scaling rapidly, forcing to shift from the fixed cost model associated with the data center to the variable spend model of the cloud. Let’s be prepared to…
  • While the rise of high-speed DevOps teams (ones wielding credit cards and empowered to consume cloud at will) have brought their companies into the digital age, they’ve also created buying centers that have become decentralized and siloed from Finance and Central IT

Let’s build a sustainable IT matching application demand exactly to cloud resources in real time


At Clemence Consulting we propose end to end FinOps business expertise and integrated solutions

Visualize your entire estate from on-premises to SaaS to the cloud.

Flexera One is a comprehensive IT asset management and cloud optimization solution to help you maximize your IT investments and mitigate the risks:

  • get visibility into cloud usage and costs for all your cloud accounts
  • evaluate and report on your most cost-effective regions and instance sizes
  • dive deep into public and private cloud costs by application, category, business unit, cost center, department or team
  • allocate costs for chargeback and show back with complete backup and justification
IBM Turbonomic Application Resource Management (ARM)

Gain fully automated actions to ensure applications get what they need to perform while adhering to your business policies with IBM® Turbonomic® Application Resource Management:

  • full-stack visualization
  • AI-powered insights
  • intelligent automation

Integrated with most of the cloud players players

Flexera One integrated with IBM Turbonomic

Flexera One and IBM Turbonomic are integrated natively to automate license and resources optimization. Typically any resource optimization detected by IBM Turbonomic has impact evaluated in Flexera one (that is the master for contracts and price) for decision, allocation and execution. Those kind of recurring decisions can furthermore be executed automatically in Turbonomic.

Clemence consulting’s catalog of finops services

End to End structured services

  • Pre-study FinOps maturity, program scope and roadmap, Demonstration
  • POV
  • Solution deployment: IBM Instana / IBM Turbonomic / Flexera One / Integration
  • Solution integration i.e., specific cloud provider, specific observability tool, ERP integration (cost collector),…
  • Professional services: training, assistance,…
  • Managed services to run & operate client’s platform (SLA contract, support, performance, incidents, releases, …)

A practice of FinOps Certified consultants

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