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We base our work on market opportunities, focusing on results and helping our clients develop their internal capabilities.


We help you manage and we bring you our expertise to make your major digital transformation programs a success. Among our areas of expertise: digital marketing, Ux, BtoB market place, CRM, data, process digitization. Upstream of projects, we intervene within the framework of a structured approach. We initiate change by developing, collaboratively with the company's stakeholders, a shared vision and a path to get there.

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To survive on the market, the business models traditionally based on the product, the minimization of the cost and the maximization of the quantity produced, must evolve towards models centered on the customer, adjusted to his expectations and based on the subscription. of subscription. We want to work alongside you and support you in your strategy for designing new business models focused on the customer and their expectations, such as: "optimizing the performance of my assets", "reducing my carbon bill", "controlling and optimizing my costs in use ", …

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We help organizations work differently to explore opportunities, with a constant concern for efficiency and return on investment. Make organizations more agile, launch new viable services that bring value, imagine new organizational and governance models, collaborate with external players (pure digital players, start-ups, research and universities, local authorities, etc. ) to disrupt your market… these are the challenges for our customers.

By combining collaborative methodologies, our experience of organizations and our business culture, we bring value to our clients, always with the aim of empowerment.

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We give you the benefit of our 12 years of expertise in the collection, reconciliation, analytics, dataviz and exploitation of marketing and financial data, including 4 years in a cloud/big data/machine learning environment and 10 as a SAAS supplier of tools dedicated to Marketing and Finance departments.
Our offer is based on a proven analysis strategy. It is designed to generate business impact and help you move from analysis to action.

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We advise you on how to share an inventory between the Departments involved, build a target and a pragmatic trajectory, deliver quick wins to improve your processes. We help you manage and bring you our Marketing & Sales, Finance or Purchasing expertise to express your needs, conduct your calls for tenders, specify, test and deploy value-added solutions for businesses and users.

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Your organization must be transformed, we help you make the change a reality: inventory and design with the Directors and Managers, communication with the Comex, Works Council and teams, job descriptions, management and deployment.
We help you manage human capital: increased recruitment, assessment center, support for change, creation of an academy, animation of communities of peers, seminars, advice to managers.

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