Transformation and human capital

Over the past few years, Clemence has helped a number of large companies transform. How?

By using the classic methods and tools of management consulting and by approaching the issues from a different angle.

What is transformation and human capital?

The transformation of organizations: whether it is a rapid change in corporate culture or whether it involves creating a department, a function or reducing the number of branches or the workforce, it impacts the structures, processes and men.
By understanding the issues present at the different levels of the company, by working with the Management Committee and also by integrating feedback from the field, we help you to frame your initiatives and promote the move to action and the membership.

The transformations decided at the strategic level can be complex to implement operationally and leave traces, to help you pragmatically, we are here.

Our expertise

Nos savoir-faire en conseil en management ainsi que la qualité de notre support à la communication de direction et au pilotage, nous permettent d’accompagner vos changements, du cadrage opérationnel de votre projet à sa mise en place.

How is it useful?

Our objective is to help the Management Committee to frame, describe and communicate its challenges and its vision, to create a community of peers between the directors and managers who are the real relays of the transformation and to equip the implementation ( communication kit, methodology, reporting, etc.)
We proceed by individual interviews and co-development workshops to share feedback and good practices and lead the necessary seminars at each stage. We consider the transformation in its strategic dimension but also as a stage in the career of each director and manager: a human and professional adventure where it is crucial to identify the points of pain and share the nuggets of the field to succeed.

The approach aims to avoid generating the feeling that “everything has already been thought out at the global level”, not forgetting anything and taking into account heterogeneity and feedback from the field.